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Dorset Puppy Joins The Team

The last week of April involved a car trip down to a forest in deepest Dorset. To see a man about a dog, well a puppy to be correct. My partner and I had been thinking about a 4-legged walking / running companion for a very long time and the time was now right.

Dorset Border Collie

A few hours drive later saw our 8 week old beautiful Border Collie puppy arrive in his new home. It didn’t take long for the inquisitive little fellow to discover my old walking boots!

He’s had his first check up at the local vets and received a glowing report – fit, healthy and very alert. Hence the perky ears. We’ve been training him in the basics of living with hikers / runners; do not eat the boots or the boot laces.

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Spring Evening on Kithurst Hill

What better way to end the working day than a walk around your local area; in my case that meant a walk along the South Downs Way close to Storrington in West Sussex.

There is a rough tarmac track that leads off of the Amberley to Storrington road, the B2139. The track barely signposted from the main road, climbs along the western edge of the old MOD Kithurst Ranges up to a car park on Kithurst Hill.

The car park is located adjacent to the South Downs Way and is an ideal spot to begin an evening walk, far away from the usual rush-hour bustle of Southern England.

South Downs Rapeseed

Early evening in spring is a great time to view the fields of rapeseed at their finest,

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River Adur – Our Personal Best

This 23 and a quarter-mile South Downs walk set the benchmark for me. I walked a personal best, the longest distance in a single day. Storrington to the River Adur at Botolphs near Steyning West Sussex.

What motivates you?

That question could reveal a 100 different answers in a matter of seconds. If you had asked me the question 10 years ago I doubt I would have mentioned anything about walking and hiking. I’m not sure I was particularly motivated about anything 10 years ago. So what changed?

Around autumn 2005 I took up photography as a serious hobby which meant I found myself walking off the beaten track more often than I used to. I started to look at familiar places from a different angle. Quite literally looking at places from the left,

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Cissbury Ring Circular Walk

A 19.6 mile walk to Cissbury Ring just outside the village of Findon in West Sussex. Taking in two hill forts and views of ancient flint mines.

Starting off in Storrington West Sussex, a bustling village at the foot of the South Downs I headed up to Kithurst Hill and walked east, towards my first destination of the day, Chanctonbury Ring. The morning was bright and the sky a lovely blue overhead. The South Downs Way (SDW) quiet during the first week of April.

The views from Kithurst Hill to the north and south are far-reaching, gliders soar above the escarpment here on favourable days. It’s a lovely spot for a short family walk being not too far from the car park off of Chantry Lane.

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Arundel Park – Discovering Hiorne Tower

A 19.6 mile circular walk to Arundel Park West Sussex, following the River Arun south from Houghton Bridge. It would be a new walking route for me once south of Houghton.

7.47am Monday morning. I remember the exact time because I glanced at the clock as I was gathering up my hiking gear. I thought to myself how lucky I was to be planning a walk in the South Downs National Park whilst the majority of Southern England’s inhabitants were heading to the M25 motorway and several hours of traffic jams.

South Downs Way Again

I had all day to walk and the clocks had just gone forward to British Summer Time the previous day, releasing a very welcome extra hour of daylight. Today’s walk wasn’t going to be about taking the shortest or quickest route.

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