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Buff Original Headwear Gear Review

With autumn weather now firmly established in England my attention turned to keeping warm when out hiking. Let me introduce you to the Buff – The Original Multifunctional Headwear.

Original Buff My Review

So what is an Original Buff? Well it is a versatile neck tube in its basic form but there is a lot more to it than that. With a quick fold and twist it becomes a snug fitting hat, it becomes a mask keeping your ears, nose, neck and mouth warm, it becomes a scarf, a headband and much more.

Buff is derived from the word ‘bufanda’, which means ‘scarf’ in Spanish.

Already you can see how versatile a Buff is. The manufacture’s packaging shows you many more ways of wearing a Buff, depending on your chosen outdoor or indoor activity.

Autumn Hiking on Dartmoor

The version I tested is made from 100% polyester microfibre,

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Dartmoor Hail and Sunbeams

Autumn on Dartmoor brings a noticeable change in the weather. Waterproof coats are essential kit and as I discovered on this walk protection from hail is also needed!

I had hiked this route before but as with any natural landscape every minute of every day is different. The colour tones of the ground, the angle of the sunbeams in the sky. The intensity of the hail showers! You will never walk the same mile in the same footsteps.

Gutter Tor to Eylesbarrow Mine – Hiking Dartmoor

I parked at the old scout hut car park at Gutter Tor, follow the signs for Nattor, Sheepstor. The car park on arrival was empty, as I had chosen a mid-week walk in November.

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