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St George’s Day England

About St George’s Day

St George is the patron saint of England. We celebrate his position in history with a national day on the 23rd April each year. This is held to be the day of his death in 303 AD. This is not an official holiday, so we don’t get the day off, unfortunately! Other countries around the world also recognise St George and many have their own day dedicated to him as he is considered to be one of the most venerated saints in many religions.

The history of St George

We don’t know the exact birth date for St George, although people think he was born in around 275 AD in Palestine. He was a Roman soldier; however, he came from a Christian family. George’s father had also served in the army and was respected by the Emperor at the time, Diocletian. George rose through the ranks quite quickly and became a tribune.

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Travelling For Less – Save Money

The vast majority of people want to travel in one way or another, whether it’s for a weekend away visiting family or a round-the-world, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Of course, the major stumbling block is money, particularly when the global economy isn’t in particularly good shape and many people are struggling financially. But the chances are that you can travel for a lot less than you think you can. You might have to put a little more effort in or make some small sacrifices, but it’s often said that the less you spend, the more you’ll see.

It’s well known that booking as far in advance as possible and travelling at inconvenient times are healthy options for your bank balance, and shopping around using any of the readily available price comparison sites can save you a considerable amount of money for very little extra effort. Choosing indirect flights can bring your travel costs down further as it is a little more inconvenient,

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South Downs Walking – On Kindle and Paperback Book

Available online from Amazon UK / USA, as either a Kindle download or a full-colour paperback book.

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Buy Paperback Book – Full Colour 344 Pages

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ISBN-10: 1537013831
ISBN-13: 978-1537013831
Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 2.1 x 27.9 cm

South Downs Walking is a collection of motivational locations, inspirational photos and wellbeing words from the soul. Follow my personal journey as I discover a love of hiking England and writing. Through the changing seasons I walk the ground, listening to the landscape.

Some of my favourite West Sussex and East Sussex South Downs Way hikes for all abilities.

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South Downs Clouds Time Lapse Video

A 70 minute original 4K HD video condensed to 5 minutes time-lapse. Filmed from Springhead Hill in the South Downs National Park, West Sussex, England.

Looking north, overlooking Parham House and Estate. On the distant horizon you can see the North Downs of Surrey and Hampshire, some 19 miles away.

If you look carefully you can see the gliders and tug aircraft taking off and landing at Parham Airfield, to the centre-right of the video.

Clouds form and vanish in the blink of an eye, constantly changing shape.

South Downs Weather Time Lapse Video

Filmed in 4K on the 25th July 2015. Select the best viewing quality on YouTube to suit your playback device. Looks great on a large screen TV. Please follow my YouTube channel for more videos from the South Downs National Park.

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South Downs Weather Photos

I’ve been walking Dave my Border Collie puppy around the fields of West Sussex most evenings, as a result I’ve seen some lovely sunsets and weather.

I thought I would share some of my June and July “weather” photos with you on this blog post. Hope you enjoy them.

South Downs Weather and Sunsets

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Storrington Time Lapse Clouds 4K Video.

45 minutes of video condensed to 90 seconds time-lapse. Filmed in 4K HD. Kithurst Hill in the South Downs National Park gives commanding views over the village of Storrington, West Sussex.

This is looking north towards the North Downs of Surrey on the far horizon. Shot on the morning of 6th July 2015.

I wonder how this view will change over the years. Will the beautiful countryside survive the property developers?

Chantry Hill Time Lapse Clouds

Clouds race across a blue summer sky. An original 43 minute video condensed to a 90 second time-lapse. Filmed from Chantry Hill in the South Downs National Park, West Sussex.

Video shot look east towards Sullington Hill and Chanctonbury Ring.

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Steyning Bowl Time Lapse Videos

Ever since I first walked to Steyning Bowl in the South Downs National Park and admired the view I had wanted to capture the scene on video, as shadows from the clouds raced across the contours of the landscape.

Monarch’s Way – Steyning, West Sussex

I parked my car at Chanctonbury Ring car park and walked east along the South Downs Way until it met a concrete track called Sopers Lane, high above the West Sussex village of Steyning. This farm track forms part of the Monarch’s Way, a 615 mile national trail. Fortunately I was only walking about half a mile of it today.

The South Downs Way path runs along the southern edge of Steyning Bowl, over Annington Hill but I think the views from the Monarch’s Way track are equally impressive;

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Simply Hike – Blog Awards – Runner up.

A few weeks ago I asked some of you to vote for my South Downs Walking blog, in a competition being run by Simply Hike, an outdoors equipment business.

Well I didn’t win the top prize in my category but I was amongst the 4 runners-up, some pretty good blogs!

Many thanks for voting and I’m happy that my blog is up amongst the best.

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Best Of Britain: Summer Challenge

Summer is a fantastic time to explore the South Downs National Park in Southern England. The countryside is alive with wildlife and the South Downs Way walking trail is very inviting at this time of year to say the least.

Best Summer South Downs Walks

With many locations just over an hour and a quarter from Central London by train, the South Downs are the ideal destination for a day out in summer.

I’ve chosen just a few of my Best Of Britain: Summer Challenge walks to tell you about, you can challenge yourself to walk all or just a part of them this summer.

From Winchester in Hampshire to Eastbourne in East Sussex, the South Downs will take your breath away,

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Border Collie Dave in Public

The day had finally come when Dave, my 11.5 week old Border Collie puppy was allowed out in public for the first time. This followed a never-ending 7 day wait after his second set of vaccinations.

Up until now Dave had only met immediate family and both he and I were getting cabin fever. There is only so much of a modest back garden that a Border Collie can explore.

West Sussex Dog Walk

I put the dog harness on Dave and tentatively opened the front door, not knowing what to expect from him. Would the local newspapers be full of wild-eye escaping Border Collie stories?

No, as it happened Dave just stood on my front doorstep and looked a bit lost and bewildered. Poor thing. With lots of encouragement,

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Video: Kithurst Hill Spring Views

Overlooking the West Sussex village of Storrington is Kithurst Hill, rising to a summit of 213 metres / 699 feet. From close to the South Downs Way there are dramatic views west, north and east. With rolling hills towards the south.

Kithurst Hill, South Downs National Park

There are several steep footpaths leading from Greyfriars Lane, Storrington to the South Downs Way or you can drive up Chantry Lane and park in the stoney car park and walk a short distance west and north.

The main SDW path passes close to the Kithurst Hill view point but doesn’t offer the very best views, for that you need to walk north from the South Downs Way to a parallel path. There is a trig point marked on OS Maps and the view-point is close to that.

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BBC Sussex – 2015 Photo Competition Winner

Wow, thanks very much BBC Sussex and the judges. I know the quality of photos submitted were first class and I am really speechless to be amongst the winners.

Please come and visit the South Downs and Sussex, you’ll love the views and wildlife, springtime, summertime, autumn or winter.

The winners will each receive a DAB digital radio for their efforts. In addition, their photos will now be displayed for all to see at this year’s South of England Show at Ardingly and in the BBC Sussex reception on Queens Road in Brighton.

See more at BBC Sussex on Facebook.

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Dorset Puppy Joins The Team

The last week of April involved a car trip down to a forest in deepest Dorset. To see a man about a dog, well a puppy to be correct. My partner and I had been thinking about a 4-legged walking / running companion for a very long time and the time was now right.

Dorset Border Collie

A few hours drive later saw our 8 week old beautiful Border Collie puppy arrive in his new home. It didn’t take long for the inquisitive little fellow to discover my old walking boots!

He’s had his first check up at the local vets and received a glowing report – fit, healthy and very alert. Hence the perky ears. We’ve been training him in the basics of living with hikers / runners; do not eat the boots or the boot laces.

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