OS Map Finder

Scroll the UK map and click on a tile to see map availability. You can browse for OS Explorer maps or OS Landranger. The OS Explorer map series is perfect for hiking and off-road exploration. With the greatest detail available.

OS Explorer maps are at 1:25,000 scale, so every 4 cm on the map equals 1 km in the real world. They show the best detail including footpaths, rights of way, open access land and the vegetation on the land.

OS Landranger maps are at 1:50,000 scale, so 2 cm on the map equals 1 km in the real world. These maps cover a larger area than OS Explorer, but not in as much detail. You will still find footpaths, rights of way and some tourist information features on the map. OS Landranger maps are ideal for days when you are covering longer distances, especially if you are exploring by car or bike. This makes them ideal for walking, running, horse riding, off-road cycling and even kayaking and climbing.