Border Collie Dave – Chapter 1

Dedication to Friends and Family

This blog is dedicated to all our canine friends out there who tirelessly support their human companions; through good times and bad, rain or shine.

Border Collie Dave
Border Collie Dave

Those pets who help us through our darker moments.


A big thank you goes to Dave, my border collie companion; without him there would be no inspiration to write this blog. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to my fiancee Lauren, my reason to smile each and every day.

Thank you Keith Foskett for encouraging me to hike and write. A special mention goes out to the thousands of fans on social media who love hearing about Dave’s adventures.

To all my friends and family that have supported me along the way.

Dan; for all the laughs and heartache. Keep strong.

#WeLoveDave – thank you Donna.

As I type this opening paragraph Dave has just celebrated his 2nd birthday, some few weeks earlier.

Dave is a pure breed border collie from a working blood line and is the first dog I have ever owned. All adventures and mishaps, fun times and occasional hiccups are down to me and my failings as a mere human!

Across much of social media Dave has a great following of people who genuinely love watching him grow and develop as a very competent canine hiker. I have lost track of the number of times people message me with “Where’s Dave? How is Dave?” as I post landscape photos online and omit the puppy!

This book is our journey together. It is early spring as I type this opening chapter. I have a large smile but also a few tears as I think about all the fun times we have had together so far and the darker moments.

So without further delay I’ll begin the story of how Dave and I began our hiking adventures.

Words by Malcolm, adventures by Dave.

Dave says, well I am sure he would if he could talk my language, that every day is;


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