Border Collie Dave – Chapter 5

Visit To The Vet

Many dogs have a fear of visiting the vet for the first time; quite often for good reason. No one likes going to hospital and animals are no exception to that rule.

Dave of course had to be different. I was all prepared for a terrified fur ball. Square legs that make them impossible to carry to and from the vet. Nope, nope, ut uh, not happening…noooo. I was expecting it all.

I rang the buzzer on the door and waited a few seconds before entering. Dave was on his lead and he confidently walked into the waiting room ahead of me. He immediately stopped and scampered backwards in surprise. His little paws frantically running in reverse like the cartoon character Roadrunner!

Border Collie Puppy Dave
Border Collie Puppy Dave

“That Dave is a Great Dane,” I said to myself as I peered into the waiting room to see what had spooked poor puppy. “Oh yes sorry about that,” said the receptionist as we both laughed at Dave’s startled expression. Dave must have thought that everything in the world was bigger than him. New Forest horses, dogs at the vet.

I sat down and waited my turn and watched as Dave decided the Great Dane was perfect for exploring; coming barely up to the knees of the giant, fearless Dave none the less decided he was going to introduce himself against my better judgment. A friendly lick from the Great Dane almost sent Dave tumbling backwards across the tiled floor. Ewww thanks, now you are all wet and messy.

The receptionist called our names and I scooped him up from his “new” friend and registered our details. Dave immediately took a shine to the receptionist and wriggled his way from my arms to the floor and wandered around her desk to introduce himself properly.

“Mr. David Oakley, border collie, 8.5 weeks old, pleased to make your acquaintance,” was probably on Dave’s mind; on my mind was the fear he would pee up the side of her desk or chair leg!

Thankfully neither happened and Dave received a very welcome ear rub and fuss. Dave likes fuss; Dave lives for fuss. Fuss me, fuss me!

“Your ears Dave, what have you done to them?” asked the veterinary nurse as she spotted his black out of control triangles. Dave’s ears as a puppy resembled those of a cross kitten; imagine a frowning kitty; deep in thought and concentration. The tips of his ears sometimes crossed over as he contemplated life as a puppy.

Wallace and Grommet had ‘The Wrong Trousers’, Dave had someone else’s ears, I am sure of it. Then the vet spotted his bright pink nose. That was it, she was in love with Dave and a trip to the vet was now Dave’s best day out!

With a beautiful innocence he wandered about the surgery as the vet laughed at his little ears; wriggling like tiny radar dishes as he took in the sounds of chatting humans and snuffling animals.

Dave would as the months went by, gain full control over his lovely pointy ears but at the time it did provide amusement for people who met him. Pointy ears, pink nose, big paws, brown eyes – all the cuteness, aww.

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