Garmin Handheld GPS

Garmin Handheld GPS units are perfect for exploring an unfamiliar city, hiking in wild moorland, or cruising on a boat far out to sea.

With state of the art technology and easy to use controls you can a navigate safely and accurately with the help of a Garmin GPS Handheld. Rugged construction to keep out dust, dirt and moisture means long life and excellent reliability when you need it most – on that demanding hike.

Garmin Handheld GPS units feature ergonomic grips and easy-to-read displays that accurately show your position as determined by global satellites.

Garmin Handheld GPS Best Sellers

Equipped with long life batteries, they also function as compasses, altimeters and barometers. Most models come preloaded with maps covering major EU and global destinations, and you can conveniently download more for wherever you wish to travel.

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