Montane Terra Pants Review

My review of Mens Terra Pants – Outdoor Trousers by Montane. All items reviewed have been tested by myself when out walking / hiking. I walk in all seasons, warm sunshine, rain, wind and a bit of snow and was looking for good quality walking trousers that would tick all those boxes.

I wanted something that was lightweight to wear, quick drying and above all; tough wearing. I did a lot of research online and one brand name seemed to rise to the top of my search list.

I use affiliate links on this blog, which means I may receive commission on any sales made via the product links. I will always give my honest opinion and if I think a product is unfit for purpose, I will make that plain to see. Honest reviews and genuine testing.

Let me introduce you to the Montane Mens Terra Pants. Despite the slightly funny name (if you are British) these are in fact very competent walking/hill climbing trousers.

Montane Walking Trousers – The Advantage

These Terra Pants are reinforced to prevent rips and tears, I’ve tested that several times with some pretty thorny brambles that wouldn’t let go of my leg. The quick drying Tactel fabric is both water and wind resistant. The seat area (bottom), ankle and knee areas are reinforced with Cordura (the dark area on image) ensuring that scrambling over rocks, sitting down on rough surfaces and general hiking abrasion is not going to quickly damage the garment.

Montane Terra Pants Review
Montane Terra Pants Review

Montane Walking Trousers Features

There are two zipped pockets on the front, one with an extra zipped inner security pouch to keep your keys / cash / credit cards extra safe. There are no pockets on the rear and no thigh/map pockets. This is not really an issue for me, as I always walk with a rucksack and prefer not to have stuff all over the place.

Around each ankle there are 1/4 length zips and press-stud fasteners, allowing a close adjustable fit around your walking shoes / hiking boots. Though I have quite stocky legs and thick ankles, so found the press-studs almost redundant.

The seams are twin needle sewn for extra strength and durability. The articulated knees are great for high step movement; climbing over stiles, up mountains, stream jumping! The elasticated waist is fastened with a removable webbing belt and button. There is also a spare button included. Zip fly.

When the weather warms up there are two mesh lined thigh vents, that zip open. These vents are generous in size and combined with the lightweight material, would make summer shorts optional. The added bonus of UPF 40+ sun protection and those thigh vents could make these all-season trousers in many climates.

Outdoor Trousers My Verdict

The first outing for these trousers was a cold, windy January day up on Chanctonbury Hill (749 feet up, -7C windchill and 360 degrees exposed to the elements). Nearly 19 miles of walking in wind and driving sleet. I was apprehensive at first, expecting red, chapped thighs when I got home from the wind chill and sleet. How wrong was I, despite being almost as thin as a Rab MeCo base layer t-shirt, these trousers kept me dry and importantly warm.

They are incredibly quick drying, and the cut is generous in the areas you’d expect. I’ve ordered a second pair as I’m so impressed, slightly larger size as I intend to have one pair for spring /summer / autumn and one pair for cold winter “wild” camping and wanted a little extra room to wear full length long-johns underneath.

I don’t like carrying lots of waterproof over-layers in my rucksack, I prefer water repellent technical fabrics that work well from the offset. The Cotton-feel TACTEL fabric is almost silent when walking, you hear just the faintest of rustling, certainly nothing to annoy you or disturb the wildlife.

On warmer days, the breathable fabric kept me cool. I really don’t notice that I am wearing these, yet I know I can rely on them to perform under all weather conditions. The fabric belt has a study buckle that didn’t slip and therefore didn’t need any adjustment in a 7 hour hike.

I found the sizing to be good, and the belt / elasticated waist combination gives good adjustment if you are not an even numbered waist size, who is?

Update After a 1000 Miles

I have used Nikwax but I do find they now leak water, after many miles and months of use. I wear gaiters or full waterproof trousers on days with heavy rain or very wet ground. I do still like their lightweight feel and windproof-ness but sadly they are not as water repellent as from new.

Montane Terra Pants Specs:

165g/m² high tenacity nylon CORDURA rip-stop / 104g/m² lightweight nylon TACTEL plain weave with ‘cotton-feel’.

Weight (approx) 340g.

2014/2015 Price I paid around £75 with free UK delivery.

I purchased my Montane Terra Pants from Cotswold Outdoor in Great Britain.

12 thoughts on “Montane Terra Pants Review”

  1. hi can you comment in regards to the fit. Are they tight fitting?. some reviews comment on the shortness of the inseam in other reviews. is the waist true to size?. thank you for your help

  2. Thanks for this review. Trousers are a minefield and my local Cotswold have no Haglofs to try or even get a feel for the fabric but they do have these. What is most reassuring is that they kept you warm despite the light weight.

    I’m going to get a pair.

    How will you re waterproof them please?

    1. I am sure you won’t be disappointed . As to waterproofing just use Nikwax but I must admit I haven’t needed to re-proof mine as yet

      1. Hello, I have used Nikwax but I do find they now leak water, after many miles and months of use. I wear gaiters or full waterproof trousers on days with heavy rain or very wet ground. I do still like their lightweight feel and windproof-ness.

        1. I’m interested in the difference between the Terra and the Super Terra pants ands also the Haglofs but my local Cotswold have been decidedly unhelpful with Haglofs not even having examples of sizes and models.

          I tried on the Terra pants and they feel super comfortable but almost suspiciously light weight.

          1. Good Evening
            Don’t be put off by the weight they are a superb pair of trousers.
            The Haglofs are more substantial but I used the Montane last winter with a suitable base layer and was more than happy with them .
            I do have both the Montane and the Haglofs as stated above if pressed to chose Haglofs for Autumn/ Winter Montane for the other seasons but that is not a choice is it?

  3. Andrew Church-Taylor

    I would have wholeheartedly agreed with your review ,this without reservation,having owned these trousers for the last 18months . They have stood me in good stead in all weathers on my frequent outings in the Lake District, even on a foray to the Blencathra in January this year,albeit with suitable base layer. I have ,however, purchased a pair of Haglofs Rugged2 Mountain Trousers and they top them in most ways . You do need to take into account though that they are double the price of the Montane Terra pants but in my view well worth the extra outlay . The times I go back to the Montane is when the weather is hot it’s then when they have the advantage not because of the zipped vents as both trousers have them(Haglofs could take a tip as regards the mesh on the venting) but because they are so much lighter. It just feels right to wear the Terra pants when the Cumbrian sun is high in the sky .For the price fabulous ,if you want to spend more then go for he Haglofs ,ideally get both

    1. Hello Andrew, thanks for the comment. I need to re-waterproof my Montane trousers as they do allow water in when walking through saturated long grass / vegetation. What I do like about them is the fact they dry out in minutes once the rain stops. They are advertised as weather resistant and not waterproof so as you say, they make great 3 season trousers.

  4. Enjoyed your review. Looking to buy some new walking trousers to use in the Peak District and your honest review helped me to make a decision.

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