Rab MeCo Long Sleeve T-Shirt Review

My review of Mens MeCo 120 Long Sleeve Tee by Rab. All items reviewed have been tested by myself when out walking / hiking. I’ve always struggled with base layers. I tend to feel much too hot if I wear too many layers, or indeed too many thick layers.

Another downside of conventional layers, as most of us are aware, is the wet back from wearing a rucksack over a waterproof jacket.

I use affiliate links on this blog, which means I may receive commission on any sales made via the product links. I will always give my honest opinion and if I think a product is unfit for purpose, I will make that plain to see. Honest reviews and genuine testing.

Let me introduce you to the MeCo 120 Long Sleeve Tee by Rab. A solution, in my opinion, to many of the issues surrounding less advanced base layers.

Advantages of MeCo Fibre

What is MeCo and what makes it so good? MeCo is a fibre manufactured using ethically sourced Merino wool blended with recycled Cocona yarns. Merino is a non-itchy, antibacterial wool; the advantage of warmth and ultra softness and equally as important effective wicking of sweat and fast drying properties.

By mixing Cocona (derived from coconut shells); with active carbon and Merino wool, Rab have created a garment that has superior quick-drying properties and excellent sweat wicking. It gets better; the Cocona and carbon also provide excellent odour absorbing properties, meaning even after a day long hike this base layer was good for another day of wear without a need for washing.

Rab MeCo 120 Long Sleeve Tee
Rab MeCo 120 Long Sleeve Tee

My Rab Clothing Purchase – Fancy Box Above!

I bought this on recommendation from Keith Foskett (hiker / writer) and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I’m a 44 inch chest, broad build and the XL size fits well, just a little extra length in the sleeve but better than being too short. The length of the body is generous and came down below my waist, so no cold spots when climbing, crouching, walking up hill etc.

It feels so lightweight when worn as a base layer but it really does keep you feeling warm in winter (worn under a lightweight rain jacket at -6C wind chill). Sweat wicks away quickly and even after 19 miles of walking, with plenty of wind, sleet and steep hills, it smelt fresh enough to wear for another 19 miles of walking. I was genuinely amazed at how dry the garment was after walking 7 hours wearing a Gore-Tex rain jacket and rucksack. When I got home I simply hung it up, ready for another day, didn’t need washing at all.

I doubt in the UK you would need a heavier weave when used as a base layer under a windproof Rab jacket for example, but there are heavier weaves available to purchase.

The version I own, the MeCo 120, weighs a mere 160g. I’ve never worn such a soft, lightweight base layer before, that really did work. I recommend you try MeCo for yourself. The Merino wool is so soft and all seams are stitched flat, so you hardly know you are wearing it. Rab claim that the Cocona fibres will not wash out or wear out, giving a long lease of life. Even though the long-sleeve tee is lightweight, it is a high quality product that does exactly what is claimed by the manufacturer.

Base Layer Specs:

Fabric: MeCo (65% Merino wool, 35% Cocona)

2014/2015 Price I paid around £48-50 with free UK delivery.

I purchased my Rab – MeCo 120 Long Sleeve Tee from Cotswold Outdoor in Great Britain.


4 thoughts on “Rab MeCo Long Sleeve T-Shirt Review”

  1. I’ve had one of these, yet with a zipped neck, yet the same thickness, for a long time now. It did half of the Appalachian Trail (a great 1000 miles) and unless it’s genuinely frosty, when I utilize a thicker Smart wool top, it’s my long sleeve top of decision. Fleece is not super sturdy, which was dependably a drawback to me however the Cocona appears to fortify the entire issue and mine is as great (about) as the day I purchased it. Thanks!

  2. I’ve had one of these, albeit with a zipped neck, but the same thickness, for 3 years now. It did half of the Appalachian Trail (a good 1000 miles) and unless it’s seriously cold, when I use a thicker Smartwool top, it’s my long sleeve top of choice.
    Wool is not super durable, which was always a downside to me but the Cocona seems to strengthen the whole issue and mine is as good (nearly) as the day I bought it.
    ~ Fozzie

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