Kithurst Hill South Downs Way Video

I walked up my local South Downs hill, Kithurst Hill one saturday recently. I wanted to shoot a short video to give a feel for the calming nature of the location.

Kithurst Hill in West Sussex is my kind of place to relax, several paths lead off of the South Downs Way allowing me my own personal space for as long as I want to walk.

Kithurst Hill West Sussex Video

This particular evening I walked about with my camcorder and tripod and captured the hazy fading light of the watery sunset. The wind was blowing strong, carrying the sounds of the evening birdsong far and wide. The rapeseed now fading slightly in colour rippled with the wind as I stood still and watched.

I walked across the fields a few hundred yards away from the South Downs Way trail and stood alone, listening and looking. This was my perfect moment.

Springhead Hill, South Downs Way Video

The early evening South Downs landscape had taken on that misty soft appearance often associated with the dying days of summer, thought it was of course the senior days of spring. Through the gusts of wind I could hear a cuckoo in an adjacent copse, it was a special moment indeed.

No noise from the traffic on the Amberley to Storrington road, no noise from aircraft circling over the Midhurst navigation beacon away to the west. No people, no interruptions, just the ticking of time from Mother Nature’s watch.

South Downs Way Sunset

Kithurst Hill, South Downs Way.
Kithurst Hill, South Downs Way.

Just a strong wind blowing across the South Downs, bringing in weather; rain to cleanse the land. There never was a typical red sunset that evening, just a gradual fading of the sun into the darkening watery sky. Like a watercolour painting, the shapes of the clouds soft edged and smeared across the horizon.

Walking the South Downs as the day ends is a wonderful feeling, the landscape changing by the minute as the light fades. Birds sing one last time before their nocturnal companions take over the night watch.

I’ll be posting more videos from the South Downs, so please do come back and visit my blog again soon, thank you.

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