Storrington Time Lapse Clouds 4K Video.

45 minutes of video condensed to 90 seconds time-lapse. Filmed in 4K HD. Kithurst Hill in the South Downs National Park gives commanding views over the village of Storrington, West Sussex.

This is looking north towards the North Downs of Surrey on the far horizon. Shot on the morning of 6th July 2015.

I wonder how this view will change over the years. Will the beautiful countryside survive the property developers?

Chantry Hill Time Lapse Clouds

Clouds race across a blue summer sky. An original 43 minute video condensed to a 90 second time-lapse. Filmed from Chantry Hill in the South Downs National Park, West Sussex.

Video shot look east towards Sullington Hill and Chanctonbury Ring. The following day was grey overcast and wet, typical of the changeable British summer weather.

Chantry Hill is easily accessible by car from the West Sussex (large) village of Storrington.

Filmed in 4K, apologies for the slight camera wobble as it was very breezy and I didn’t weigh the tripod down enough. Will learn to bring more ballast water next time and shoot at a slightly slower shutter speed.

2 thoughts on “Storrington Time Lapse Clouds 4K Video.”

    1. Hello Gary, It was a race between the memory card space and the approaching high level Cirrus cloud. From what I remember the next day was wet and Cirrocumulus clouds do signal storms or rain.

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